Orenda Products and Blue Wave

Orenda has a focused line of eco-friendly water treatments; each of which has its formula firmly based in science.  Each water treatment serves a unique purpose in the overall realm of water chemistry, and all are designed to be used in harmony with one another. Together, the program can boost sanitizer efficiency, protect pool surfaces and prevent scale, remove phosphates and clarify the water for that extra shine.

Blue Wave technicians are Orenda certified, allowing us to use these products to their maximum capability.

An Orenda pool is one you would happily let your kids and grandkids play in. It is a pool full of water without long-term byproducts. A pool managed with proactive pool care; more deliberate practices and minimal chemical use. The pool is treated with mindfulness to prevent common problems that pool operators fight every day.

Products Available Through Blue Wave

PR-10,000 Phosphate Remover Concentrate

PR-10,000 is a highly concentrated rare-earth phosphate remover. It is formulated to react with phosphates in the water, allowing them to be removed from solution. It reacts with all known types of phosphates on contact and hardens them into a fine precipitate, which falls out of solution. The inert phosphates then floc out, to be vacuumed or filtered out of the pool. PR-10,000 causes cloudiness, which can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Use as needed, and do not exceed the recommended dosage unless otherwise specified (see below).

Because of PR-10,000’s concentration, a little goes a long way. A dose of PR-10,000 may be surprisingly small to you, but watch it work. PR-10,000 is one of the original Orenda Products and is professional grade.

CV-600 Enzyme Water Cleaner

CV-600 Enzyme Water Cleaner is a unique, stabilized enzyme that effectively breaks down and digests non-living organic waste and oils in water. These carbon-based contaminants are commonly found in pools, spas and other recreational water. Without an enzyme like CV-600 (or CV-700), organic waste needs to be oxidized to be removed from water. Chlorine gets reduced oxidizing bather waste, so supplementing chlorine to manage organic waste is critical. That’s why it is Orenda’s Second Pillar of Proactive Pool Care.

Routine use of CV-600 will positively maintain water clarity, directly address carbon-based contamination, and boost chlorine efficiency.

CV-700 Enzyme + Phosphate Remover

CV-700 is a unique, stabilized enzyme formula with a phosphate remover blended in. It effectively breaks down and removes non-living organics (bather waste) and oils from water, while also reacting with phosphates in water.  Removing bather waste is critical to chlorine efficiency, as it would otherwise need to be oxidized by chlorine or a secondary oxidation system.  Phosphates cannot be oxidized or removed by chlorine, so you need a phosphate remover to get rid of them.

Routine application of CV-700 will positively maintain water clarity, reduce both non-living organic and phosphate contamination of water to boost chlorine efficiency.

SC-1000 Scale and Metal Control

SC-1000 is an award-winning, environmentally friendly chelating agent that binds to metals and minerals. SC-1000 is great for pool startups and is also used for ongoing maintenance to help prevent carbonate scale formation and metal oxidation/staining.

SC-1000 contains no phosphates, unlike most metal control products available. This is meaningful because those same products (many of which are phosphate-based) would directly conflict with phosphate removal efforts…but SC-1000 does not.

When used as directed, SC-1000 controls metal staining and scale while being fully compatible with the materials of pool & spa construction and other treatment chemicals. It can also do wonders for removing existing scale in pool heaters, salt chlorine generators, and other equipment.

SC-1000′s formulation was awarded the Environmental Protection Agency’s Presidential Green Chemistry Award for its implementation of environment-friendly chemical technology.