Eco Friendly

We Offer Energy Efficient and Eco-Friendly Pool Solutions

Eco Friendly Items

Save 30% to 90% in utility costs annually

IntelliFlo® and IntelliPro® variable speed pumps allow you to custom program the optimum speed for each function, resulting in hundreds in energy savings each year. Plus, they are the quietest running pumps available.

Variable Speed Control for Commercial Pool Pumps

The Eco-Flow C is a VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) device used to control the speed of a pump motor. The motor’s speed can be varied by adjusting its supply frequency. Reducing the pump’s speed saves significant energy as compared with flow control using a valve.

Eco-Flow C Brochure

High Performance Heaters

High performance heaters offer superior energy efficiency, faster heating performance and are certified for low NOx emissions. They even out-perform current industry standards for clean operation.

Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters efficiently filter water, often allowing the use of smaller pumps or lower pump speeds to minimize energy use. And when pool owners rinse cartridges rather than backwash, they can significantly reduce water use, too.

LED Pool and Spa Lights

Light-emitting diode (LED) pool and spa lights use 50% to 75% less energy than incandescent and halogen lights. Plus, they can last thousands of hours more than incandescent lights, minimizing replacement cost and disposal. LED Light Bulbs for retrofitting existing light fixtures may also be an option.

Automation Systems

Optimize energy use and equipment performance. With automation systems, you can automate and synchronize equipment scheduling for synergistic energy savings. This also prevents problems and waste caused by relying on memory or limited time clocks to operate or deactivate equipment.

Eco Friendly Chemicals by Orenda

CV-700 Catalytic Enzyme & Phosphate Remover

The earth friendly additive removes biofilm, organics, & phosphates something chlorine alone struggles with.

PR-10,000 Phosphate Remover Concentrate

Stop fertilizing and sanitizing your pool at the same time. Phosphate control starves algae of necessary nutrition which results in less chlorine used.

SC-1000 Scale & Metal Control

An eco-friendly solution that allows pool owners to prevent calcium and metal stains without adding phosphates. Stain control that works in harmony with enzyme and phosphate treatments without contradiction.